Best Keylogger for Mac

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Best Keylogger for Mac

Tips for Parents and Kids to Ensure Children Online Safety



As a parent, you must know that cyber safety is getting worse. How to make your kids safe online? Parents can read this article to learn some tips of how to make sure children’s online safety.


1. Education


Education is always the best way to protect children from online threats. Educate children to properly use the Internet. Children should be taught how to safely chat with others in chat room, instant messaging and social networks. Parents should tell them not disclose personal or family information in the network and had better not chat with strangers online.


2. Set regulations and rules


Formulate rules and regulations about children’s online activities. Their computer and Internet use should be restricted. Not only their Internet and computer time should be limited, parents need to stress them never to accept unsolicited email, files and photos, etc. from strangers.


3. Monitoring computer activities


Apart from education and setting regulations, parents can also utilize computer monitoring software to keep track of children’s computer use such as browsed sites, keystrokes, running programs, etc. Sometimes computer monitoring software is not enough, parental control program-keylogger is the best, for this kind of software can not only record what children have done online but also help parents control computer and Internet use, for example, it can block certain sites, apps, and limit Internet use time. With it parents can restrict children’s Internet use while leaving them space to surf the Internet.


Parental control software along with education and setting regulations can be an effective way to protect kids from online dangers and threats.


Of course, there are some tips for children to protect themselves from online threats.


1. Tell parents or school when encountering cyber bullying, parents or school will take measures to help you out of it.

2. Don’t delete the concerning messages or photos; the police will need them as evidence.

3. Don’t accept strangers’ date or meet them in real life.